Monday, August 17, 2009

The Color of Perception

I continue to believe that no one actually knows me at all.

Perception is reality to the person digesting whatever info is streaming in. And because each person has his own unique history, one event experienced by five different people will be perceived in a slightly different way.

Example: I say some very rude things about an insane, fatass bitch who annoys me.

Result #1: I am perceived by my friend who is also annoyed by this person as correct and justified in my remarks.

Result #2: I am perceived by the fatass bitch's friend as the "real" insane, fatass bitch.

Result #3: I am perceived by a soft, kindhearted person who knows neither of us as mild to moderately evil.

Result #4: I am perceived by a cynic as stupid for even bothering to say anything at all.

Result #5: I am perceived by a person previously injured by the fatass bitch as somewhat of a hero.

This makes me, in the view of 5 different people, a correct and justified, insane fatass bitch who is an evil and stupid hero.


I do believe that about covers it. Carry on.